About Ambien and Franzia (Amelia and Tara)

Amelia and Tara frolicking on the beach in Santorini because they are well-traveled, awesome people.

About Amelia (Ambien and Franzia):
I’m just your typical girl next door. Wait, not that door- that other door down the road.  My writing “creds” include some really poignant pieces in the Stewart’s Creek Elementary school newspaper like “How to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich,” “Walt Disney: See, Touch, Smell,” and “Orcas: A Haiku.” When I’m not blogging or being obnoxious, I like to cook, read, and spend money on things impulsively. If you have any issues with anything Tara or I have to say, first, and most importantly, you can suck it. Secondly, if you really have an issue, I will have to refer your comment to my concrete-breaking, 4th degree black belt body guard Kathleen Duffy. Look her up. She will frighten you.

See? We are hilarious.

About Tara (Tkkfosho):
I’ve been Amelia’s trusty side kick for eight years now.  It is a co-dependent, unhealthy friendship that gets me through the day.  I’m the muscle.

“Lemon- did you take an Ambien with your Franzia and sleepwalk here?” – 30 Rock

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