“Monster-ating” March

I’m on the verge of “monster-ating” this month. (I wish I could take credit for coming up with Monster-ating. I heard it on Modern Family last week, and I thought…”Damn! Wish I would have thought of that FIRST!”) Anyway, it’s almost that time of the month. Luckily, I think I have kept my PMS in check for the last few months thanks to a little herbal supplement- no, not pot- called Evening Primrose Oil. I will pretty much swear by it. I had a lump taken out of my breast in September of 2011, and my breast surgeon recommended this to me for good breast health. Apparently, it it like the cure-all for the ladies. I brought it up at work, and my co-worker Dani was like, “Anthony (her husband) swears by it for my PMS!” I decided to give it a shot… It’s been working wonders. I used to be an axe-murderer during those  3 to 4 days, and now, I’m just the accomplice to the murder. It’s a considerable step in the right direction if you ask me.

The only complaint that I have about Evening Primrose Oil is that it doesn’t suppress my…cravings. I woke up yesterday with a GIANT chocolate cupcake craving. I love to cook. LOVE it. It’s like my therapy. The more complicated a recipe, the greater joy I feel as I cook it. Baking… baking, on the other hand, is not my strength. I don’t like having to measure everything exactly. I don’t like baking things from scratch. There was the Coconut Cake incident of Mother’s Day 2010. It tasted like raw cake flour with a hint of formaldehyde. Why? I haven’t the slightest idea. That cake can suck it. Then, there was my first attempt at Cranberry Orange Scones… Why was the batter sticky and wet? I followed EVERYTHING PRECISELY! EVERYTHING. I tossed out the batter in a fit of rage. Those scones can suck it. So, yeah- cooking is my therapy. Baking is my nemesis.

When I had the craving for chocolate cupcakes on Sunday, I knew I had to turn to boxed cake mix. It was too risky to try to bake something from scratch… too dangerous. Boxed cake mix is great. One could only imagine the catastrophe that could have ensued had I decided to bake those red velvet cheesecake brownies that I found on Pinterest the other day. I imagine red stains everywhere and remnants of my owl apron on the kitchen floor. Maybe even an Amelia-shaped hole through the front door. I stuck with what I knew and made the right choice. I even used white icing from a jar. Perfection.


I found sugar crystals that I sprinkled on top for the final touch.


I took four cupcakes to work this morning in a tupperware… People thought it was to share. It was actually to make sure that I had enough chocolate readily available for Monster-ation. Image

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